Ada is an incredible model. 


Lady Luiza: Who is Ada Gabriela?

Ada: Ada Gabriela is an artistic soul that loves to create ART on many different levels.

Lady Luiza: How did you begin your journey?

Ada:  I do so many different things at once. The main thing I do is modeling. My journey with modeling began 8 years ago. A photographer in Chicago noticed me and really wanted to work together. Because of his beautiful photography, It inspired me to do more modeling. I've done about 100 photo shoots from which I got published in local online magazines. I am looking forward to accomplishing a great deal more in the future. 

Lady Luiza: What is more important for you; being a model or a musician?

Ada:  I think it is more important to me to become a better model. Music always played a huge role in my life but for some reason I could never accomplish what I wanted. Modeling is definitely my life now.

Lady Luiza: What does your day look like? 

Ada: . I spend a lot of time networking with different photographers. Meeting new people in this industry is the key to true success. I just don't work with anybody, I try to select the best photographer that knows what he or she is doing. It's much better to work with someone professional. During weekends I go out and I shoot. I prepare myself mentally and physically.

Lady Luiza: Biggest dream?

Ada:  My biggest dream is just to be happy. Everyone in life looks for the same thing...happiness. Modeling definitely gives me happiness, and I hope it can be with me for the rest of my life.

Lady Luiza: Favorite food?

Ada:  My favorite food is Italian. Spaghetti is the way to go.

Lady Luiza: The most crazy thing you have ever done?

Ada:  The most crazy thing I've ever done ? I've done so many crazy's hard to say which one was the most bizarre.

Lady Luiza: Your most beautiful childhood memory?

Ada: My childhood wasn't very wonderful. From what I remember, coming to America from Poland was probably one of my best memories. Flying on the airplane for the first time, and seeing Chicago.

Lady Luiza: What do your fans mean to you?

Ada:  My fans mean the world to me. I love reading beautiful comments. I love people in general and I love making them feel better about themselves as well.

Lady Luiza: Future plans? What’s next for Ada?

Ada:  Future plans ? For now I'm enjoying what I do. Things will come to me organically. I'm going to go through ups and downs, and I'm looking forward to new adventures.

Lady Luiza: If you could have a photoshoot with a model, who would it be?

Ada: There is this really amazing ballerina/model on Facebook named Anna Russell. I really would love to meet her and shoot with her. Her work is out of this world.

Lady Luiza: Is there anything you would like to share with future models?

Ada:  My advice for the future models is to be careful. This industry is dangerous. You have to have your eyes opened 24/7. I've been in a very lucky position that nothing bad happened to me. You have to use your head and be extra careful. Also creativity truly helps. 

Lady Luiza: How can  your fans contact you?

Ada: My fans can contact me through Facebook. Ada Gabriela.