An Amazing Superfan

Andy is one of the most loved fans in the world. He cares about the artists and he cares about the music.


Lady Luiza: Who is Andy Collison?

Andy: Who is Andy Collinson? What a great question to start with. Well, for people who know me, I would hope that they agree that I am a friendly, kind hearted chap and a huge fan of indie artists. I am a father of 3 boys who love football (soccer), I started coaching a couple of years ago and I really enjoy it. I've been married for nearly 17 years now. I love my wife and children very much.

Lady Luiza: What kind of music and artists are you a fan of?

Andy: The kind of music I'm a fan of is... I would describe as alternative indie. There are so many different types of genres it's sometimes quite difficult to categorise it. The artists I am a fan of...oh my, there are so many; Danielle Morgan takes the top spot with me, closely followed by Jennifer Mlott and Danielle Haskell. Ron Hamrick, Matthew Bonazzoli and RadioDrive, Faith and Harry, Lady Luiza...the list is endless; I'm just a huge fan of all really.

Lady Luiza: The artists love you. How do you do this?

Andy: I really don't know how I get the artists to love me; maybe it is because their music inspires me to be a good person and show kindness for what they do. Every person/artist deserves a shot to do what they love in life; I guess I'm just here to listen and respond in an appropriate manner and to let them know, “wow, they are fantastic.”.

Lady Luiza: If you could spend one day with an artist, who would it be?

Andy: If I could spend a day with an artist, I would have to say Jennifer Mlott. I say this because I have already had one of my many dreams come true when I met (my favourite) Danielle Morgan, John, and the band, and wow, the best hour of my life; but again, there are so many.

Lady Luiza: Your favorite song?

Andy: I know you've asked one song but again, this is really difficult to answer. There are so many songs I love dearly by many fantastic artists but my favourite song is "Shy" by Danielle Morgan. This one for me hits the spot on all levels.

Lady Luiza: If you choose one food you could eat, what could it be?

Andy: If I could choose one food to eat it would have to be my late Gran's Hash. This is quite simple to make; it consists of lamb, potatoes, a few vegetables and gravy all in the same pot. I haven't had this for a few years ever since my Gran was diagnosed with dementia and recently passed away last year. I am going to have make this now and enjoy every memory I have of my Gran.

Lady Luiza: What is your biggest dream?

Andy: My biggest dream is to visit all the artists and friends I have met through Twitter and The Blitz radio station and to meet Tom and Ashton (greasy, I know). One day this dream will become reality.

Lady Luiza: How did you begin your journey with The Blitz? 

Andy: Well, I first followed Artist United Kelli Leigh on Twitter who was tweeting about Danielle Morgan who in turn was tweeting about the Blitz who was playing her music and I just absolutely fell in love with the station, Danielle and all the artists. This just opened up a new world of listening to music for me. I've been listening to the Blitz for about 3 years. The indie artists that play on the Blitz are absolutely the best in my opinion and there are so many more talented Indie artists who I have yet to discover. I've often described The Blitz as my happy place and have never been disappointed by the talent on the station.

Lady Luiza: What kind of songs do you wish artists would write more?

Andy: Songs I would like the artists to write more of is love songs. I'm a little soppy at heart, and romantic. Love is really important to me; it's what we as humans need more of. Some people may take the mickey outta me for that but it's what I feel.

Lady Luiza: What do you do for fun?

Andy: What I do for fun is...well I do work a lot which doesn't allow to have too much fun. I do really enjoy football coaching, seeing the kids progress. I suppose what is really important to me is helping people out and being supportive as much as I can. Remember kindness and people do matter.