Faith & Harry are hardworking musicians. They've been studying and practicing music ever since they were young children. Skilled in many areas, they never fail to impress their fans. Faith can sing, play the guitar, violin and ukulele while Harry can play the piano, drums and violin as well. They're always at the studio recording covers and original music that they write themselves. So far they've recorded two songs; Last Christmas, and most recently My BFFs and Me, which are both available to stream and buy. Currently, they are working on more singles to release and an EP as well. They are often performing live and are giving their all to make every concert an experience for their fans. Speaking of their fans, they care about them a lot and sometimes do things like give them free merchandise and do live streams. They've also made a playlist on Spotify for artists under 21 to bring more attention to other young, underrated musicians


In 2017 Faith & Harry partnered up with the charity Free 2 Luv to raise awareness and put a stop to all forms of bullying; they are proud and happy to give a voice to people who don't have one. Along with the charity, Faith & Harry also promote self-love and kindness. They also use their platform to bring more attention to declining music programs within schools and out. They want all kids and teens to be able to have the option to play an instrument so they regularly raise funds to keep music education available to all.

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