Jimmy is an incredible celebrity, author, actor and show host. 


Lady Luiza: Who is Jimmy Star? 

Jimmy: I am a celebrity, clothing designer, television/radio host, actor, best selling author, publicist and social media guru.

Lady Luiza: Everybody knows about your show “The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell”. Could you tell us more about the show? 

Jimmy: The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell is an entertainment conversation webshow (tv and radio) that interviews extremely cool celebrities in the worlds of music, film, television and authors primarily. We are currently the #1Webshow in the world, with 4.5 million weekly viewers/listeners and the only syndicated show in the world hosted by a GAY married couple.

Lady Luiza: How are people appearing on your show chosen? 

Jimmy: Guests on the show are selected by me based on their careers and accomplishments. If they are 80’s stars I tend to want to interview them as that is my favorite decade and I love to speak to celebrities from that time period.

Lady Luiza: How did you start your journey with entertainment? 

Jimmy: I started as a celebrity clothing designer, dress all of the major horror movie stars, as well as cool celebrities like David Arquette and Elton John.  I branched out into radio and then television as more people started to watch the show and we have built a very cool following of loyal friends who support our show.

Lady Luiza: What is your most joyful childhood memory? 

Jimmy: I had a wonderful childhood, my father worked for Delta Airlines, and since we were able to fly for free, I was lucky enough to travel abroad every year on wonderful vacations like Spain, France, Italy, England, and the Caribbean.

Lady Luiza: Your favorite food? 

Jimmy: I am a steak and potatoes man…. And Mexican food lol….

Lady Luiza: Your biggest dream? 

Jimmy: To do red carpet interviews at the Academy Awards, The Emmy Awards and the Grammy Awards.

Lady Luiza: What is the most important thing you are doing and why? 

Jimmy: I started a boutique public relations firm called World Star PR, which works with indie artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors etc… to help them get publicity and exposure for a very inexpensive price in the world of PR. We work on a month to month basis, no contracts, and our fee is only $650 a month, which is a very, very low price, and indie artists get better results with us than if they were working with a normal PR firm that would charge $1500-$5000 a month. Giving back to the community that has supported me for my career.

Lady Luiza: Is there any place on the world you would like to visit? 

Jimmy:  I have been to most of the places that are on my bucket list…my husband Ron Russell wants to go to Egypt, so lets say Egypt.

Lady Luiza: What in life has the biggest meaning to you? 

Jimmy: My family, friends and loyalty. I have a great family, wonderful friends and we are all respectful and loyal to each other.

Lady Luiza: If you could spend one day with a person, who would it be? 

Jimmy: I would love to spend the day with Stan Lee. I am a huge Marvel comics fan, and would love to hang out with him and interview him about all of his ideas, accomplishments and wonderful movies.

Lady Luiza: How can your fans connect with you? 

Jimmy: I am on all the big social media platforms. Twitter @drjimmystar Instagram @drjimmystar and facebook.com/jimmystar

Lady Luiza: Future plans? 

Jimmy: I am launching a music video countdown show in the upcoming months, looking to act in a few movies, and do some red carpet interviews, as well as bringing on PR interns and building World Star PR into a global worldwide force in the world of public relations.

Lady Luiza: Who would you want to have on your show? 

Jimmy: I would love to have Molly Ringwald… I am a huge fan of hers, and think she would be a fabulous interview.

Lady Luiza: Can you tell us about what goes on behind-the-scenes of The Jimmy Star Show?

Jimmy:  A lot of work. Most of the time is spent booking the celebrity guests, and doing press and promotions for each show. It is a blast.