Sarah and Ollie

Two of the Best Fans On Planet Earth

Sarah and Ollie are two of the best artist supporters on social media. They listen to artists' music, comment and support them all the way.

Ollie is shown on the videos dancing to artists' music.

Interview with Sarah

Lady Luiza: Who is Sarah (Mummy Sezza)?

Sarah: I am a mum to Ollie called Sarah but my nickname is Sezza.

Lady Luiza: What kind of music do you like the best? 

Sarah: I love all music whether it’s rock, classical, country, pop, rhythm and blues, jazz, swing, I just love music in general. However if I really had to choose only one, it would be country music. I was brought up on country music as my dad was huge fan of Waylon Jennings. So because of the wonderful memories I have of me and my dad and our country music days, country music will always be special to me. xx 

Lady Luiza: What kind of songs does your son Ollie like the best? 

Sarah: Ohhh good question. He loves the Blitz artists. Danielle Morgan ( Love Me Hold Me) Ron Hamrick ( Put A Smile On My Face) he really has taken to that song. Luiza ( The Moon Wants To Sleep) Matt Springfield ( Pop Life) Sabrina Fallah ( Stuck up) Jennifer Mlott ( Almost Lover) and so many others from the Blitz he loves. He also likes the band Little Mix but that’s mainly for their dance moves as Ollie loves to dance. 

Lady Luiza: The artists love you and they love Ollie. How do you both do that?

Sarah: Firstly, we love the artists too, and absolutely no idea. Me and Ollie are just ourselves. We both love music and we both love to dance and have fun. 

Lady Luiza: If you could spend one day with an artist, who would it be? 

Sarah: Ohhhhh what a question to ask eeekkkk.  I think it would have to be Danielle Morgan. It’s thanks to her why we got listening to the Blitz. 

Lady Luiza: Your and Ollies favorite song? 

Sarah: Now this one is a tough one. There are sooo many. To choose a favourite for Ollie and me is tough because we love them all. I think my favourite song of all time is Faith Hill’s Wild One because that’s a song close to my heart. Erm but if you ask me to choose for Ollie I just can’t choose as he really does love them all. 

Lady Luiza: If you choose one food you could eat, what would it be? 

Sarah: Easy question for Ollie. Cucumber, LOL, we go through 6 or more of them a week, LOL. For me my favourite food...hhhmmm, I guess it would be strawberries for me.  Yummy.

Lady Luiza: What is your biggest dream?

Sarah: I had already achieved mine, and that was to become a mummy. Now my dream is to see my son grow up to be the best he can be. I would love him to become a music artist one day himself, or a dancer. That would be magic. But whatever my son becomes in the future I just hope he is happy and healthy. 

Lady Luiza: How did you begin your journey with The Blitz?  

Sarah: It is thanks to Danielle Morgan.  Ollie loved her song Love Me Hold Me; although I think back then it was called Hold Me Love Me. We met her in Brighton which was awesome. My sons face was a picture; especially when she started singing. He kept looking for the phone. She sounded so perfect.  She told us about the 92.6 the Blitz and how they play her music. So we followed and have loved the station ever since. DJ Tom Slick is awesome!!!! 

Lady Luiza: What kind of songs do you wish artists would write more? What moves your heart?

Sarah: Ones that mean something to them. Don’t get me wrong; I love the upbeat happy ones and the silly fun ones. But the songs that really pull at your heartstrings emotionally. Currently Steve Dunfee - Come Back My Way has me in tears at times. That song is just beautifully written and so heartbreaking. I hope his son does come back one day. Love you Steve. xxx 

Lady Luiza: What do you do for fun?  

Sarah: When we are not going out enjoying the theme parks, farms, zoos, soft plays, etc  we listen to the Blitz and put the music up loud and dance around like crazy, mad people or we dance slowly and expressively. Ollie loves movement so doing ballet type of moves to music is fun; for example when Dance On The Wind comes on me and ollie move around in circles with our arms flowing freely ( like wind).